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Uhive is the civilized world different from other social.

We believe that sharing ideas, posts and the ability to advertise business growth is essential. The civilized world is all about connecting, networking and socializing with friends and family.

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In the civilized world, the network is exposed to and influenced by external factors such as politics. Uhive- a social network with physical dimension thaddaeus ( 38 ) in blockchain last year uhive is the worlds first hybrid blockchain-based social network that combines physical dimension and blockchain technology to produce a unique experience for users.

There are two distinctive ways in which uhive operates the civilized world and the grey world. This kind of model is similar to popular social media platforms out currently.

As users engage with the platform more frequently, their space will be more visible and attractive to other users. The civilized world mirrors earth, and is a cultivated network, governed by rules and regulations.

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Here, identities are real, and allow users to connect with family and friends, and meet new people. Blockchain wagering company peerplays.

The uhive networks civilized world is where users can have their own profile and space, connecting with others while sharing their personal info, interests, and being able to discuss with others about topics like fashion, politics, etc. The civilized world is created based on interest categories, you have the choice to pick out your own interest.

Every individual has a specific interest, your interest could be in fashion, sports, music, politics, ect. Uhive - revolutionizing social networking the worlds first social network with physical dimension, advanced a.