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Former reserve company bitreserve have become uphold as they rebrand in their mission to make the cloud-based money platform easy and frictionless for anyone, anywhere to move, convert, hold and transact in any form of money or commodity securely, instantly and for free.

Bitreserves halsey minor had some interesting comments comparing bitcoin and netscape, but his company is chugging right along, today it is adding more stores of value for its users.

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Wall st, fed face off over physical commodities three years on from the financial crisis, the federal reserve must soon decide what is allowed for banks in physical commodity markets.

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Uphold, formerly bitreserve, today announced a complete rebrand and the launch of new functionalities, products and services to several key markets including europe, u.

Long before there were futures, options or any derivatives at all, there was always an active market for trading physical commodities.

Producers of metals, agricultural staples, energy, soft commodities, and many other raw materials sold their output to consumers.