Speculative tokenized trading exchange

The main purpose of the project is to take brokers out of the trading equation, providing an investment platform and autonomous, decentralized pool of liquidity owned by the ico investors. Ai - (spec) speculative tokenized trading exchange (read 28103 times) 0 members and 1 guest are viewing this topic. 3 executive summary spectre (short for speculative tokenized trading exchange) is the worlds first broker-less, financial trading platform with an embedded, decentralised liquidity pool.

Ico review spectre (spec-dspec-u) - speculative tokenized trading exchange.

Ethtrader ) submitted 1 year ago by vindyne8 4 - 5 years account age. Since the buybackdividend for both tokens are tied to the usage and trading volume of the platform, the more usage and trading volume the spectre platform has, the more valuable the tokens should be. ( self.

Speculative tokenized trading exchange

Usd false downside break. Generated through initial coin. Spectre aims to bring transparency and remove the middleman for trading in the binary options and foreign exchange (fx) industries.

Analysis of spectre speculative tokenized trading.

You can now use your crypto (and fiat) to trade no-coiner markets like apple, the dax 30, and oil with the most beautiful mobile trading platform the world has ever seen. System could greatly help. Com, the worlds first regulated tokenized securities exchange, is now mobile.

Speculative tokenized trading exchange

Instead of using a centralized broker to process all trades, spectre uses the ethereum blockchain. Spectre (speculative tokenized trading exchange), is a financial prediction market platform backed by a tokenized liquidity pool, according to its official website. The snoop lion guide.

Across three markets including. Shares of blackberry resume trading after pre-announcing quarterly loss & announcing job cuts. Spectre is building a trading platform that enables users to bet on the direction of financial assets using cryptocurrencies.

Ai - (spec) speculative tokenized trading exchange.

Ahlman finnish city. Will taylor swift sing her way to the top and break records with her new album? Details in en-27mo on bitcentral. Meet the founder exclusive interview with spectre ceo karan khemani spectre (which is an acronym for speculative tokenized trading exchange) aims to become the worlds first brokerless, financial trading platform with an embedded and decentralized liquidity pool that acts as a counterparty to all trades.

With that in mind, spectre wants to create a speculative tokenized trading exchange built on the ethereum blockchain. This exchange would be tied to real-world trading such as stocks, forex, crypto and commoditi. Ai - (spec) speculative tokenized trading exchange - alpha live!

Spectre ico is a token sale for a speculative trading exchange.