Reality streaming platform spectiv

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Spectiv is a platform that enables users and organizations across the globe to stream unique virtual reality content (vr). Spectiv is a dedicated virtual reality streaming platform that uses blockchain-based attention markets to support widespread adoption of virtual reality. Spectiv is a community-driven virtual reality streaming platform supported by a unique erc20 token.

Reality streaming platform spectiv

Virtual reality was growing very fast, may speculate virtual reality will next revolutioanry tech boom. Welcome my friends to a new interesting ico today and lets see their great idea a dedicated virtual reality streaming platform. Shunning wall street funding.

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Uc president napolitano calls for guaranteed admission of all qualified community college students. Spectiv is a stage that empowers clients and associations over the globe to stream special virtual reality content (vr). Some key features of the platform include live vr streaming, say, of sports events, where viewers can participate at home.

Reality streaming platform spectiv

Breaking news brief chrome. Spectiv ico a dedicated virtual reality streaming platform. With a simple 360 camera, users can record and upload vr content for the rest of the world to enjoy from home.

Public alpha release swiss. Com total of 3,548 eth, 32 btc, and 58,000 usd already invested! Virtual reality streaming platform spectiv has just closed its private early supporter presale, where signal tokens were sold for a total of 3,548 eth, 32 btc, and 58,000 usd.

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Spectiv vr is a virtual reality streaming platform that enables users to share real-life experiences using vr technology.