Kong protestors announce bank

Full credits for this video to newsbtc who listed the info in this video on an.

News bitcoin eyes demand as hong kong protestors announce bank run.

Lihkg, a chinese version of social media platform reddit, saw mounting discussions about the proposed hong kong bank run.

Kong protestors announce bank

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Protesters announce a bank run in hong kong, major.

Across the city, residents withdrew money from their bank accounts on the same day, in a bid to.

The move is the latest tactic to reduce peoples bank of chinas influence on the hong kong economy.

One of the posts, written by an activist, discussed how the hong kong dollars would continue to remain pegged to the us dollar this year.

Bitcoin eyes demand as hong kong protestors announce bank.

The goal is to put sufficient pressure on the banks to force more leniency from both beijing and the hong kong governments towards the pro-democracy protesters demands.

Hong-kong protesters call for a bank run heres whats in it for crypto the 10th-week of the protest at hong kong against the chinese government rule took a dramatic turn as the protestors shut-down the international airports.

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