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In 2014, dmitry marinichev was appointed to the role designed to act as a liaison between internet companies and the government. In his opinion, legal entities and individuals registered in crimea should be.

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Its free! In his opinion, legal entities and individuals registered in crimea should be allowed to use cryptocurrency wallets and make transactions with digital currencies.

2018 dmitry marinichev had a meeting with the rmc investors, told them about the current state of the project and answered the questions. At the moment it cannot technically be implemented, said marinichev.

Russian internet ombudsman dmitry marinichev suggested allowing the use of cryptocurrencies to residents of crimea. He was also recently named one of four potential presidential.

Last week dmitry marinichev, appointed in july by the government as russias first internet ombudsman, suggested that it was going to be difficult for data operators to comply. Social networks, internet stores, cloud services and ticket and hotel booking services would be at risk.

Two suspects in a robbery on an orange line train earlier this month are now in police custody. Program starts free familiarization.

Marinichev, who made headlines last week when he suggested that russia would have to flex its geopolitical military might, in order to grow its technology industry, has fired back, accusing navalny of misunderstanding russias data-localization law.