Critical coinomi wallet bug

Outlet ceo eric. Ly2xu8eue official statement on spell check findings httpsbit.

Coinomi wallet critical vulnerability made me lose my life.

Three physical commodities bitreserve. Redditor claims theft of 70,000 in life savings due to critical coinomi wallet buga crypto investor is claiming to have lost between 70,000-80,000 in cryptocurrency that he claims was stolen from his coinomi wallet.

Critical coinomi wallet bug

Coinomi multi-asset wallet poor implementation leads to sharing your plain-text passphrase with a third-party server. Blockchain native asset ada.

Critical bug found in coinomi wallet february 27.

My passphrase was compromised and 60k-70k worth of crypto-currency were stolen because of coinomi wallet and how the wallet handled my passphrase. Warning - coinomi wallet critical vulnerability made me lose my life savings httpsbit.

Get the latest android version for free on google play or download the. Securities blockchain reports.

Earn bitcoin from. The coinomi cryptocurrency wallet was reportedly discovered to have a critical vulnerability that has reportedly cost some users their funds the wallet sends plain text seed phrases to a third party program for spellchecking.

A critical bug has been discovered in the coinomi wallet, following the theft of over 60 thousand from a reddit users wallet. A redditor recently took to the social media platform to warn coinomi wallet users of a critical vulnerability that resulted in the loss of his entire life savings.

It enables a user to regenerate their wallet on any platform, and maintain a simultaneous wallet on their phone and on their desktop. Ccn earlier reported that coinomi wallet had a confirmed bug that allowed google to view the details of a users seed phrase.

The team behind coinomi are either extremely smart to add such backdoor so that when they get caught they would simply say it was an honest mistake or they are extremely stupid to overlook such security bug.