Combat fake identities mastercard

Mastercard hat ein patent für ein privates blockchain-sytstem eingereicht, um identitätsdaten zu lagern und zu verifizieren. This is not the first blockchain-related patent that mastercard has submitted, and it comes on the heels of last weeks announcement that the. The united states sec.

Mastercard eyes blockchain for fighting fake identities.

This comes following a patent application released last thursday. Mastercard is planning to use blockchain technology to improve identity management and combat identity fraud. A newly published patent filing from mastercard suggests that the payments giant is looking at blockchain as a way to safeguard identity data.

Mastercard has filed a patent for a new blockchain system to help it combat identity fraud mastercard has joined the growing number of high profile financial companies who are embracing blockchain technologies on the one hand, even if some of them are steering away from cryptocurrencies on the other. Greek island agistri drachmae. Mastercard patents blockchain tech to combat fake identities.

Mastercard patent details how blockchain can help it.

Reveal our first. This way a semi-private blockchain, mastercard suggests, can curb the menace of fake identities. Sees transactions going from.

The multinational finance behemoth is reportedly considering using blockchain technology in order to prevent fraudulent identity usage. Mastercard even goes on to suggest in the patent that if successful, this method of safeguarding identity data can eventually replace all other means of proving identity. State supreme court justice could be grilled about own election in federal racketeering lawsuit.

Mastercard has filed a patent for a private blockchain system to store and verify identity data. Ida the ecosystem. Mastercard has filed a patent for a blockchain system to store and verify identity data, in an application published by the u.

Blockchain tech to combat fake identities for mastercard.

In the patent filing submitted by the payments giant describes a system which would be used to receive and store identity data using a semi-private or private blockchain. Mastercard files patent for private blockchain system to store, verify and protect identity data.