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We had to abandon ship after the collision with the rocks tore a hole in the hull. To give up by leaving or ceasing to operate or inhabit, especially as a result of danger or other impending threat abandoned the ship.

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You are the captain, and as long as the captain is alive, there is always hope. Enthält übersetzungen von der tu chemnitz sowie aus mr honeys business dictionary (englischdeutsch).

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Abandons ship the

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New york approves. Amid rumors that the company was filing for bankruptcy, the employees started to abandon ship.

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Engage enemy vessels, fortifications and sea monsters in brutal tactical combat, all framed in an art style inspired by classic naval oil paintings. Your unused sms.

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Take command of an age of sail ship and her crew, exploring a vast, story-filled world that reacts to your decisions. The viewer can identify so completely with the daunting task facing the ships officer (tyrone power) when making life and death decisions with regard to how many people can use the lifeboat when a sunken ship leaves them adrift at sea.